Stress Remover Toolbox

Worry less & Get back your joy though mindful yoga.


Stress management method with short tips, tools, and step-by-step techniques to ease stress, calm the mind, and get back your joy without leaving home.

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Ease stress, calm the mind, and get back your joy without leaving home…

Here’s what you will get when you join “Stress Remover Toolbox”

Become the master of your emotions 

  • Get Clarity and learn to become the master of your emotions to take over stress around your busy lifestyle.

Quick & simple tools to reduce stress

  • Discover the right tools to reduce stress even though you are super busy.

Refresh and relax your body & mind

  • Get practical tools and techniques to refresh and relax your body & mind. 

The roadmap to find joy in life.

  • Get a roadmap to stay calm and find joy in everyday life. 

Module #1: Body, Mind & Stress

Return to self and gain self-awareness to prepare and remove stress. You will learn to connect with your body-mind through simple mindful techniques and tools.

Lesson 1: Stress Embodiment

Understand stress through a mindfulness perspective and know the first tool to handle it.

Lesson 2: Body & Stress

Develop body awareness to take over stress.

Lesson 3: Mind & Stress

Understand stress at the mind level.

Lesson 4: Mindful Body-Mind practice

Learn a simple mindfulness technique to reduce stress anytime.

Module #2: I Am & Stress

Understand the body-mind connection and the subtle body to manage and reduce stress from the root cause. You will learn to reclaim your inner power through I am practice.

Lesson 1: I Am

Discover your true self to take over stress.

Lesson 2: I Am that...(1)

Learn a simple breathing technique to connect with your truth and reduce stress.  

Lesson 3: I Am that...(2)

Learn a simple mantra to connect with your soul and reduce stress.

Lesson 4: I Am worksheet

Get clarity to reduce beyond body-mind.

Lesson 5: I Am Practice

Learn practicing simple I am techniques to reduce stress.

Module #3: Body, Mind, Stress check-up

Use some simple tools to identify stress in the body-mind system and relives stress from the root cause. You will learn simple body, mind, and stress check-ups to understand where to begin reliving stress.

Lesson 1: Stress checkup

Learn to identify stress in your body. 

Lesson 2: Stress checkup worksheet

Learn to recognize stress in a different area of your life and use a basic tool to prevent and reduce stress. 

Lesson 3: Mindful Writing for stress relief

Learn a simple mindful writing technique to remove stress.

Lesson 4: Body-MInd Vitality checkup

Learn a simple technique to check a stress level and how to reduce it through a simple breathing technique. 

Lesson 5: Quick Energy Balancing technique

Learn to practice a simple breathing technique to re-balance your energy. 

Module #4: Energy Cleansing

You will learn to remove stress through simple energy-cleansing techniques.

Lesson 1: Energy Cleansing technique

Learn a simple energy cleansing method to remove stress. 

Lesson 2: Energy Cleansing practice

Learn to practice a simple breathing technique to release stress. 

Lesson 3: Quick Stress relief technique

Learn how to use a quick stress relief technique.

Lesson 4: Quick Stress relief practice

Learn to practice a breathing technique to relife stress quickly.

Lesson 5: Energy uplift techniques

Learn energy uplifting technique to reduce stress.

Lesson 6: Energy uplifting technique

Learn to practice an energy-uplifting technique. 

Module #5: I am grounded

You will learn to create the space for living in the present moment to feel grounded and stable by building a strong foundation through mindful yoga poses, breathing, and meditation.

Lesson 1: Stress prevention through a busy lifesyle

Learn tips and techniques to prevent stress through a busy lifestyle

Lesson 2: Grounding techniques

Learn simple grounding techniques and tools to calm the mind. 

Lesson 3: Grounding breathing technique

Lean simple grounding breathing technique to feel grounded and stable.

Lesson 4: Grounding Mudra techniques

Learn simple hand gestures to prevent stress and create peace. 

Lesson 5: Grounding Movement techniques

Learn simple yoga poses/ movements to feel grounded and calm the mind. 

Lesson 6: Grounding practice

Learn to practice grounding techniques to feel calm and relaxed. 


What People Say

“Pawirat has taught me the importance of the mind-body connection in our quest for happiness and that we have the power to release any negativity, by creating a simple practice of breathing and movement, whatever our size, age or level of fitness” 

Liz Heckey

“Yes, follow the course because it gives you great tools to let go of negative feelings and simple exercises to make you feel better mentally and physically. Pawirat is a very enthusiastic teacher and has a lot of knowledge. Very helpful and is open to every question” 

Sandra van der Hooft

“With Pawirat, You will learn how to take care of yourself and take care of others. Plus u will regain balance and control of my life. I learned how to breathe the right way, for which I’ll be thankful forever. I always hesitated to do yoga, since didn’t understand how it works, your course cleared this with the beneficial explanation and details. I noticed that my root chakra was blocked and I’m now able to work with it from your videos instructions. Thanks”. 


“Pawirat knows exactly what she’s doing. You are okay just the way you are in her eyes – she is very calm, patient, funny and friendly and does her teachings that way. It’s never just about exercising, but about the greater, overall benefit for you, your soul and your health. My favourite Yoga-Teacher of all times!”

Anne Retter

“Pawirat is so kind and clear when she shows you how to properly exercise while explaining every step with ‘why’ and ‘how’ we should be doing it all…she is bound to keep you going and look forward to the next session! So positive and vibrant you will love her and her classes and you will definitely get back into your energetic self. She cares and it shows. She wants you to be fit and happy!!!” 

Ellen Soti

“Pawirat spreads joy and happiness as a person, and she teaches how to use yoga and awareness to fill your life with even more happiness. The yoga practices are easy to do, you don’t have to be a skilled yogi or an athlete to do them. The course gives you insights, and practices to do to feel better and be happier”. 

Therese Bloom

Hi, I am Noi Pawirat

The Self-Care Goddess, a mother of two children, and a solopreneur

As a busy mum with work and family commitments, I also struggled with stress, was emotionally unstable, and lack of energy for self-care. I gained weight like never before and often got easily angry with life and my family. I got to the point where I couldn’t handle it anymore. So, I create a self-care roadmap with practical action to ease stress and bring joy into my life. And I found that it would benefit other busy women too.

Reduce stress, calm the mind, and get back your joy without leving home for only




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